Maeve Necklace

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Maeve necklace is crafted from 18Ct gold plated silver and decorated with diamonds and pearls.

Care & Info

All of our jewellery is made utilizing the most exquisite materials and authentic semi-valuable and valuable stones. 

To protect your adornments please follow these steps;

Silver adornments will normally discolour after some time. Discolouring is not a flaw and steps can be taken to guarantee your gems doesn't discolour. Preferably store your adornments in a dark, cool and dry spot inside the sealed box to help prevent discolouring, scratching and tangling. 

Silver is a bendable valuable metal, any weight applied could cause harm. Along these lines, we would advise you to move your adornments inside their boxes so no external weights are accidentally applied. 

Gold plated silver may fade if the care directions are overlooked, don't reveal gold plated silver to water, fragrances or moisturizers, this may make the plating fade. Gold plated silver may naturally fade over time. 

Keep your adornments from coming into contact with water, perfume and lotion, also avoid direct sunlight, extreme heats, hot waters, harsh chemicals and humidity.

We can't be liable for any harm because of negligence and overall wear.