Eye Opener Roller Capsule

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The Eye Opener Roller Ball pendant is a fully customisable, modular piece that becomes a functioning personal talisman.  Wear it on the chain as a statement necklace, clip off the chain to have as a keychain for bag or belt, or just keep by your bed as a beautiful, functioning object.  The eye clip can also be worn on chain without the main pendant to clip any keys or personal charms that you have onto it.


Outer Pendant
18ct gold-plated brass
Recycled metal

Inner Pendant
Glass roller bottle with plastic neck and roller ball that can be pulled on and off to refill with oils

Recycled brass with real 18ct gold-plate

Chain length: 81cm to 86cm
Eye clip length: 3cm
Pendant length: 6.5cm length 1.6cm width
Funnel: 1.2cm

Inner Product Usage:
The pendant opens up to reveal a re-fillable roller ball that is designed to contain either aromatherapy oil or parfum, so you can keep your wellness and beauty products on you as a beautiful, meaningful accessory.
The piece comes with a funnel for ease of use when pouring in liquid.

The Roller Ball Pendant takes inspiration from ancient Egyptian amulets and beauty rituals. The eye is a universal symbol of protection, wisdom, knowledge and mystery, representative of what is to be contained within the pendant. The translation into a functioning clip represents the third eye opening. Going further than a symbolic amulet, it opens to contain product, making it totally bespoke and customisable on the inside. Its wearer can feel relaxed and protected knowing that their personal remedy is kept on their person.