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  • Yasmine from Fiya


    I am a French based designer, born and raised in London of a Turkish heritage, this is then all reflected in my designs, which draws inspiration from a rich mix of Eastern and Western cultures.



    What does a regular day at work look like?

    I work from home, I litterally roll out of bed, shower and hit the computer, everyday is a little bit different, someday I am working on wholesale orders and other days of designing.

    Have Jewellery design always been what you wanted to do?

    I was always drawn to the creative, to telling story through an expressive form and Jewellery just happened to be the way.


    Tell us where your inspiration comes from.

    I love fashion but honestly I make what pleases me and when others love it as much as I do that is affirming for me. I also draw inspiration from indigenous cultures and their traditions in personnel adornment. Everything has its own beauty and I just like to add to that.


    image001 copy2

    Who are your favourite designers or shops at the moment and which would create the perfect outfit around your jewellery?

    All the Dover Street Market and 10 Coso Como in Milan, my favourite designers would be Jay Arh, Alaia, or simply a pair of blue jeans and a white shirt.

    Which other jewellery designer inspires you?

    Loree Rodkin, not only for her beautiful jewellery, but also for her spirit of generosity.


    * Loree Rodkin is known for her nonconformist, visionary approach to jewellery making designing pieces for several Hollywood stars.

    What do you like the most about creating jewellery?

    When I actually see people wearing what I created, it means so much when people enjoy wearing what I spent hours creating.

    annadello* Anna Dello Russo wearing Fiya's double ring.

    Who would you say your collection is designed for?

    My collection is designed for women who want to have fun with style and choose to wear unique pieces from independant designers. The woman is eclectic, free spirited and yet elegant.

    If you could only wear one pieces of jewellery for the rest of your life which one would it be and why?

    One of my double ring as it has a stronger identity than a simple eternity band. They have a very interesting edge that I find very elegant at the same time. It is best not to be overly busy, the most beautiful designs are simple yet require a very precise technic.

    double ring

    Screen shot 2014-03-04 at 10.24.06Discover Fiya's fashion collection here.


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  • Guest Edit : Bjorg



    With her latest collection inspired by the geometric form of the eye, Bjorg's designs are simple yet powerful, wearable yet architecturally unique. Each of the beautiful necklaces, bracelets, cuffs, rings and earrings are plated in rose gold or oxidised silver giving each piece the feel of fine jewellery.
















    Shop Bjorg jewellery in store or online at Kabiri here...

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  • Guest Edit : Eshvi




    This week at Kabiri, the ever stylish Natia Chkhartishvili, executive director of Eshvi jewellery popped in to our Marylebone High Street store to replenish and re-merchandise her sell out collection.

    Since forming Eshvi in 2011 with sister-in-law Tamar, the brand has gone from strength to strength - worn by bloggers and fashion editors across the globe.

    After Natia had styled up her cabinet space with new styles exclusive to Kabiri, The Journal had time to sit down and chat with her about her designs, her inspiration and her love of London...










    What inspired Eshvi?

    The word ‘Eshvi’ in Georgian actually means ‘fang’. We started the collection based on the design and spirit of the symbol of the fang. The fang in many cultures, and especially in the Georgian culture, symbolizes luck and happiness, and so we include one in every piece of jewellery we design, even if it is only tiny!


    Where is your collection made?

    We are based in Mayfair in central London opposite Hyde Park, where the leaves are currently turning a beautiful shade of brown.


    Favourite piece from your collection?

    I love the new colours I’ve brought with me to Kabiri today. The classic Eshvi ‘Jazz Glitz’ necklace in yellow is my absolute favourite. It was the first style we designed and it really is the essence of the brand; fun and playful, yet cool. 



    Go-to London restaurant?

    Umu in Mayfair. It’s an amazing Japanese.


    Favourite London store?

    Other than Kabiri?! I love Harvey Nichols as they buy such a great range of brands.


    Who would you love to see in your designs?

    My aim is that everyone can wear the Eshvi brand. Whether it’s mixed up with bright clashing prints, or thrown on over a simple tshirt and jeans, I hope that every girl will find their own way to wear Eshvi.


    What/Who cant you live without? :

    My beautiful daughter Nanu who is 9 years old. And new shoes of course!


    Favourite blog?

    I love the blog founded by two girls from my home, Georgia. It is full of inspiring fashion and jewellery shots.


    Why do you love selling your jewellery at Kabiri? :

    I love that Kabiri allows their customers to make great choices from the best of a designers collections. It is rare to be able to buy so many types of jewellery from fashion to fine in one place, but Kabiri gives it’s customers this opportunity.  








    Shop Eshvi in store and online now

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  • Designer Profile : Maria Francesca Pepe

    As we set out sights on Autumn, and a chill drops in the air, we look at Maria Francesca Pepe's AW13 collection for sartorial inspiration and a fresh dose of seasonal rock chic.

    From rose gold studs, to cross adorned hoops - MFP shows you how to wear this season's grunge trend with style.




    384263_10151075037231905_458992411_n 394768_10150894863631905_1109436221_n Press_QdER8L523275_10151053657736905_1778863042_n 523766_10151044705261905_1158671999_n 540767_10150892996331905_2036164714_n 558645_10151044705126905_1202353119_n 560738_10151075081781905_1883529694_n


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  • Designer Profile : Cooee


    If there is one jewellery designer the stylish fashion-bloggers of the world are going snap-happy for, it's Scandinavian minimalists Cooee.

    With their Autumn Winter collection dropping in store at Kabiri this week, we take a look at the insiders' way to wear these simple, yet incredibly cool, cuffs, bangles and chokers...























    Click the images to shop the look

    Shop the full Cooee collection HERE

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  • Guest Edit : The Best of Fall

    The new season has arrived at Kabiri and The Journal's Editor takes a trip in to the Marylebone High Street store to check out her picks of the best of Fall....

    photo 7

    'Dana Levy is always top of my wrist-wish-list. Her colourful designs are fun, fresh and quirky without being too silly to wear every day! I will be opting for a stack of the new pom-pom friendships.'

    photo 9

    photo 4

    'These bright Sequence rope bracelets will be the best outfit updater when my winter wardrobe starts looking too dreary. Plus sporty is a huge trend again for Fall.'

    photo 6

    'More is more in my book and I literally cant get enough of these beaded bracelets from Shashi - bohemian perfection. I want one in every colour.'

    photo 1

    'A diamond necklace really is the dream, and this Machalka one is top of my list. It is dainty, simple but best of all, covered in diamonds!' 

    photo 3

    'Eshvi is my new go-to statement jewellery brand. It appeals to my grungy side but without compromising elegance. I am particularly fond of the red stones on oxidised silver - they will go with anything in my wardrobe.' 

    photo 2

    'The ultimate eternity rings are Kismet by Milka. Not only does she do them in every colour, both diamond and gold, but her new square ring is such a cool take on the classic eternity.'

    Shop the new season at Kabiri, in store and online here 





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  • Designer Profile : Avinas

    Today The Journal welcomes a new designer to Kabiri.

    While studying at the University of Geneva, Fabienne Fryea fell in love with the art of jewellery making. She would sketch designs on her notebooks during classes, and spend afternoons making jewellery in a nearby atelier.

    On graduating she decided to pursue her dream and study jewellery design in New York.  Fabienne found the culture of New York life a source of constant inspiration, especially the contrast between life at her school in Manhattan and her home in Brooklyn. This mix of Upper-East Side and bohemian Williamsburg inspired her to design her first collection, and Avinas jewellery was born.

    Now exclusive to Kabiri in the UK, Fabienne's easily wearable designs are a sartorial staple.
















    Shop Avinas in store and online at Kabiri


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  • A Day In The Life : Kormelitz

    Today on The Journal, we are off to sunny Paris to spend a day in the life of Kabiri's favourite supersized-crystal-jewellery-designer, Kormelitz.

    Breakfast time : A strawberry cake and a glass of milk to start the day in a good mood!

    Around 9am I head up to my studio, in a lovely little hidden street in Paris.

    I keep a collection of images for inspiration throughout the day. On my desk right now are lovely pictures from photographer Emmanuelle Hauguel.

    The KORMELITZ studio : That’s 12 artoyz, 1 lithography from Dali, 50 books, 1 lightsaber, and around 3000 crystal stones.



    Time to get to work! After getting the pieces from the atelier, I do a final check up and make some adjustments.


    The three handmade stamps that make our pieces so unique! The “Made in France” logo and the K for Kormelitz.


    Then I check my emails, browse what’s new on the internet, andI update the KORMELITZ, Facebook, and my online moodboard on Tumblr.



    I grab a quick lunch (so little time, so many things to do) and run to le Musée d’Orsay to see a wonderful exhibition themed ‘Le Romantisme Noir’.



    Back to the studio, my assistant helps me organize some deliveries and wrap up the Green and Blue clip on earrings and the Emerald necklace for a photo-shoot in Italy.



    End of the day and it's time to get ready for dinner with friends at le Bouillon Chartier. Wearing Kormelitz, of course!


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  • Designer Profile : Scosha

    As a new season of Scosha drop in store this week, we take a look at the endless ways to wear their ever-popular pieces...




















    Shop Scosha in store and online at Kabiri here

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