Valentina Falchi

• Valentina Falchi is a art jewellery brand founded in Barcelona since 2007.

• The designer believes that the jewel is not and should not be a symbol of luxury, but an element of recognition of the personality and spirit of the person that wears it.

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  1. Earrings Tagliatella Golden, Designer Valentina Falchi Earrings Tagliatella Golden, Valentina Falchi, Designer Jewellery

    Earrings Tagliatella Golden

  2. Choker Tagliatella golden, Designer Valentina Falchi Choker Tagliatella golden, Valentina Falchi, Designer Jewellery

    Choker Tagliatella golden

  3. Bracelet Tagliatella small, Designer Valentina Falchi Bracelet Tagliatella small, Valentina Falchi, Designer Jewellery

    Bracelet Tagliatella small

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