• Morphee has created a collection of jeweled pieces, each one telling a story.

• Pamela Hastry, the designer, trained in London and then refined her skills in Rome.

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  1. Inbetween Green Flower Ring, Designer Morphee Inbetween Green Flower Ring, Morphee, Designer Jewellery

    Inbetween Green Flower Ring

  2. Millesime Necklace Clip, Designer Morphee Millesime Necklace Clip, Morphee, Designer Jewellery

    Millesime Necklace Clip

  3. Millesime Articulated Ring, Designer Morphee Millesime Articulated Ring, Morphee, Designer Jewellery

    Millesime Articulated Ring

  4. Tiny Hugger Ear Cuff, Designer Morphee Tiny Hugger Ear Cuff, Morphee, Designer Jewellery

    Tiny Hugger Ear Cuff

  5. Millesime Balck Ear Cuff, Designer Morphee Millesime Balck Ear Cuff, Morphee, Designer Jewellery

    Millesime Balck Ear Cuff

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