• Tamara Zantout, the designer has always sought to merge together her childhood experiences in London as well as her unique Lebanese heritage.

• These handmade quintessential pieces explore the merging of tradition and contemporary design.

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  1. Sahara Cuff, Designer Evra Sahara Cuff, Evra, Designer Jewellery

    Sahara Cuff

  2. Babylon Earrings, Designer Evra Babylon Earrings, Evra, Designer Jewellery

    Babylon Earrings

  3. Sahara Choker, Designer Evra Sahara Choker, Evra, Designer Jewellery

    Sahara Choker

  4. Sahara Earrings, Designer Evra Sahara Earrings, Evra, Designer Jewellery

    Sahara Earrings

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