• Anfray and Anfray

    Anfray and Anfray

    1. Suitable For All Occasions
    2. Contemporary Designs
    3. Made in France

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  • Anissa Kermiche

    Anissa Kermiche

    1. Gold and diamonds
    2. London based, Paris born
    3. 90's refrerences

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  • Atelier Swarovski

    Atelier Swarovski

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  • Clinq


    1. Made in Berlin.
    2. Clinq redefines the everyday hair clip as a design object.
    3. The brand stands for mechanical artistry.

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  • Coup de Coeur

    Coup de Coeur

    1. London based designer
    2. Expressive jewellery
    3. uncompromisingly contemporary whilst simultaneously timeless

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  • Ekria


    1. Expressive jewellery
    2. uncompromisingly contemporary whilst simultaneously timeless

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  • Evra


    1. Fashion Jewellery
    2. Infusion of East and West cultures in Evra's creations.
    3. Every piece is unique and authentic in its use of both silver and gold, precious and semi precious stones.

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  • Fotini Psarouli

    Fotini Psarouli

    Fotini Psarouli is a masterful jewellery maker that creates, elegant artisanal jewellery. Fotini experiments with various metals and makes by hand even the most complicated designs. She obeys no rules and follows no patterns. Inspiration comes from everywhere and in matter of hours the ideas become sketches and then jewels.

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  • GFG Jewellery

    GFG Jewellery

    1. Gold and diamonds
    2. London based
    3. Fine Jewellery

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  • HouseThirteen


    1. Fashion Jewellery
    2. Hand crafted
    3.Classic design presented in new ways.

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  • Ia Jewels

    Ia Jewels

    1. Handcrafted in Tbilisi
    2. Crafted from the finest 14-carat gold and precious gemstones.

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  • Jezebel London

    Jezebel London

    1. Two Turkish born, London based designers
    2. Component based collection
    3. 18k rose gold and cognac diamonds

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  • Loquet


    1. Jewellery concept created by Sheherazade Goldsmith with Laura Bailey
    2. The gold framed crystal 'Loquet' is designed to open and be personalised with collectable charms and birthstones
    3. "Every 'Loquet' tells a story. Each charm represents an emotion, a special memory

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  • Loveness Lee

    Loveness Lee

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  • Lynsh


    Lynn Chamoun, the Founder and the Creative Director of LYNSH. Lynsh design’s mission is to collaborate, on a couple of pieces in each collection, with diverse artists from different disciplines, to create jewels that are scarce & thrilling. The first collaboration was with Shereen Doummar, an architecture student at the Architectural Association in London, the collaboration culminated in the creation of Aida and Fratcal 1.1.

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  • Matthew Calvin

    Matthew Calvin

    1. Fashion Jewellery
    2. Minimal Jewellery
    3.Each piece is individually handmade to the highest standard with great attention to detail and finishing

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  • Musula Jewels

    Musula Jewels

    Musula Jewels began in 2009 as the natural and spontaneous creation of a mother-daughter team. The key tenets of Musula Jewels are undoubtedly elegance, delicacy and a celebration of craftsmanship. They make exquisite jewellery with a soul: their creations, imprinted with a world of feelings, are truly small treasures.

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  • Mya Bay

    Mya Bay

    1. Designed in Belgium and made in France
    2. Fun and Playful Fashion Jewellery
    3. Line of jewels that can be mixed together or with other jewels, and that can be worn every day and for any occasion.

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  • Nanis


    1. Handcrafted in Italyl
    2. Crafted from the finest 18kt gold and rare gemstones.

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  • Phine


    Phine, Fashion Jewellery - Kabiri Designer Jewellery

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  • R D Lux

    R D Lux

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  • R.Y.M Jewelry

    R.Y.M Jewelry

    1. Fine Jewellery
    2. Modular Design
    3. Uniqueness

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  • Ro


    1. Copenhagen Based Fine Jewellery
    2. The brand aims to achieve design that is original and stylish, with room for the essentials. And that small details can easily be big.

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  • Rokus


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  • Safsafu


    1. Fashion Jewellery
    2. Based in Paris.
    3. Playful Jewellery

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  • Sara Esther Jewellery

    Sara Esther Jewellery

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  • Sarah Ho London

    Sarah Ho London

    1. Fine Jewellery
    2. Founded in 2006
    3. 18k gold and diamonds

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  • Sarah Zhuang

    Sarah Zhuang

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  • Sarlane


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  • Satta Matturi

    Satta Matturi

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  • Sorbet Bracelets

    Sorbet Bracelets

    1. Fashion Jewellery
    2. Colourful Jewellery
    3. Everyday jewellery

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  • Sounder Wang

    Sounder Wang

    Sounder Wang was created in 2018 by designer Song Wang. The collection INSECURE is designed on the shape of the human hand to support the connection of touching and wearing while preventing insecurities.

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  • Talkative


    1. Fine Jewellery
    2. Made in Japan
    3. Playful Jewellery

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  • Tanja Ludyga

    Tanja Ludyga

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  • Variance


    1. Created by Nicole Rimedio
    2. Fine Jewellery
    3. Natural Cut Stones

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