Vurchoo Jewellery

For every Vurchoo design sold, something amazing happens to children in poverty around the world. 

Alex launched Vurchoo in early 2015 after receiving funding from The Princes Trust.

Originally starting his artistic journey as a graffiti artist, Alex learnt to draw on the streets of Essex where he grew up.

The idea of Vurchoo was planted while traveling through Cambodia and seeing street children doing what they could to survive and some of them selling what ever they could, including fantastic creative abilities, but no outlet for them.

Alex wanted to find a way to use his passion of design to help them. He decided to work with schools in all corners of the globe, ones needing an extra source of income and asked the children to draw what ever means most to them, the results were fantastic, from the colours of Africa to the emotions of Asia, each one a reflection of the child's story and the culture they are surrounded by.