Leta is a story of a friendship between an architect and an entrepreneur. Katya Alagich and Michael Tantsura have come up with an idea of their own jewellery company in Moscow in 2016.

– An architect and an entrepreneur – we basically knew nothing about jewelry industry. Where to start? A common business approach would be buying something for one price, and then selling for another. But we wanted to create a product. The one we would be proud to put our names on, of course.

The first pieces were created in a small studio in Moscow. We would meet the clients in a café, or right in the street. Something that started as a “let’s try” thing has transformed into a full-scale production with over 10 employees. You can also buy Leta items worldwide.

Responsible Mining

Jewellery manufacturing process starts with finding raw materials – metals and stones. It is important for us that the mineral resources we use were mined in a responsible way so the damage to ecosystem is minimised. Natural amber we use in our first collection “Modernism”, for example, is mined in Kaliningrad region of Russia, where the problem of illegal diggers is acute. The result of their activity is an aggressive deforestation and disastrous changes in the structure of the landscape. We source all of our natural amber directly from the only legal supplier in Russia – Kaliningrad Amber Combine. The responsible mining process takes place at ‘Primorskoe’ deposit.