Capsule Eleven

Capsule Eleven creates empowering, contemporary unisex jewellery using symbols and design functionality to create pieces that become part of the wearer’s unique story. In antiquity, eleven is a high vibrational number that symbolizes energy, inspiration and vision, which is at the core of the brand’s values. The inclusive ethos of the brand means that delving deeper into the story of the jewellery and how you wear it should be firmly up to the individual to creatively explore and enjoy.

The capsule of curated items includes jewellery for the wellness curious, merging personalisation, form and function in a fresh and iconic way. From subtle symbolism within essential staples through to bold, sculptural elements, Capsule Eleven goes beyond great design, giving deeper meaning to sculptural jewellery. Traditional craftsmanship and ancient references inspire contemporary pieces with people, experiences and stories at the core. Sustainability is firmly at the heart of the brand with all of the packaging being made from re-cycled card and all of the brass and sterling silver in recycled metals.