The Fall/Winter 2020-2021 Jewellery Trends We'll Be Wearing

A look back on some of the most prevalent trends that we saw from Milan, Paris, and New York AW 2020 runways, so we have everything to get you covered for this season! You're welcome! ūüíĀ‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ

1. Pearl Girls

From left to right: Chanel AW20 Paris Fashion Week, Marc Jacobs Fall 2020 runway show during New York Fashion Week, Moschino Fall 2020 Milan Fashion Week. 

The ultimate accessory for the girl gangs that populated fashion week are piles of pearls and the return of costume jewellery. We first saw this theme emerge last spring and it continues with all types of pearls from South Sea to Keshi to cultured pearls that take shape in a range of silhouettes. 

Pearl Rosary Necklace by ClonferoDaPonte


Knotted Pearl Necklace by ClonferoDaPonte
Edwina Necklace by Beka London
 Hilda Earrings by Beka London 


Diamond Baroque Pearl & Quatz Bead Bracelet by Beka London


Oopsie Daisy Earrings by Annele

Brompton Diamond Bracelet by Savage & Rose

Sema Necklace by Beka London

60's Pearl Cuff by Efva Attling


2. Single Statement Earrings

L-R: Valentino, Prabal Gurung, Off-White

An enticing mix to be worn alone to avoid being too much. 

White Gold Dragonfish Luxury Earrings by Sonia Petroff
£349 (£174.50 for Single)

Rani Ruby & Diamond Ear Jacket Drops by Vara Of London
£9,720 (£4,860 for Single)

Earrings Power by Myriam SOS
£3,860 (£1,930 for Single)

Mogul Earrings by Neelu Fine Jewels
£1,942 (£971 for Single)

Feminine Earrings by Efva Attling
£185 (£92.50 for Single)

Oriel Sapphire Earrings by MDG Jewellery
£260 (£130 for Single)


3. Chunky Chains & Links 

L-R: Chlo√©, Off-White, Saca√Į

A reminiscent of the classic chain bracelet. This look can take you from streetwear to classic chic. 

Givenchy Circa 1980


Circa 1980 Gold Link Bracelet by Circa Ibiza

Circa 1960 Rose Gold Bracelet by Circa Ibiza

Long Poki Necklace by Beka London

Asol Necklace by Beka London

Yasi Necklace by Beka London

Mawia Bracelet by YOJ

Bracelet Diamond Link by ClonferoDaPonte