• Abril Barret

    Abril Barret

    1. Based in California
    2. Playful, subversive and with a hint of kitsch
    3. Founded by sisters

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  • Alexia Jordan

    Alexia Jordan

    1.18k Gold
    2. Hand Crafted
    3. Classic Timeless Designs

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  • Allison Bryan

    Allison Bryan

    1. Unique fine jewellery
    2. Influenced by the contemporary art world
    3. Form follows function

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  • Anfray and Anfray

    Anfray and Anfray

    1. Suitable For All Occasions
    2. Contemporary Designs
    3. Made in France

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  • Anisha Parmar

    Anisha Parmar

    1. Ethnic Fashion Jewellery
    2. Tempered by not just Anisha's own family heritage, but also the melting pot heritage of her city.
    3. Based in London

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  • Anissa Kermiche

    Anissa Kermiche

    1. Gold and diamonds
    2. London based, Paris born
    3. 90's refrerences

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  • Boyscouts


    1. Dutch design. 2. Brand promoting elegance in urban life. 3. Quality components and local craftsmanship.

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  • Charlet par Aime

    Charlet par Aime

    1. Handmade pieces
    2. 18k gold
    3. Stunning body pieces

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  • Charlotte Valkeniers

    Charlotte Valkeniers

    1. Minimalistic. 2. Made in the UK. 3. Inspired by Binary coding.

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  • Contour


    1. Shenker graduates in jewellery design. 2. Artistic jewellery with a fashion perspective. 3. Statement mono earrings are a signature.

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  • Couleur Punk A Leau

    Couleur Punk A Leau

    1. French brand
    2. Handcrafted from Perspex
    3. Statement pieces featured in Grazia and Vogue

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  • Dafne


    1. Inspired by French refinement
    2. Unique character
    3. Handmade pieces

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  • Dima


    1. Luxurious & Exclusive High Jewellery
    2. Middle Eastern Inspired Designs
    3. Ethically Sourced Gemstones

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  • Eyland Jewellery

    Eyland Jewellery

    1. Inspired by a combination of surrealism and ancient amulets
    2. Affordable Fashion jewellery
    3. Handmade in London

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  • Fiya


    1. Creation of Yasemin Uresin 2. Unique and original pieces 3. Inspired from ottoman designs

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  • Halo and Co

    Halo and Co

    1. Vintage styling wth a modern twist
    2. Handmade in UK
    3. Statement fashion jewellery pieces

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  • Ivy and Liv

    Ivy and Liv

    1. Mix of fine and fashion jewellery
    2. 14k gold
    3. Dutch design

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    1. British Made. 2. Fine Jewellery. 3. Contemporary Jewellery.

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  • Jezebel


    1. Two Turkish born, London based designers
    2. Component based collection
    3. 18k rose gold and cognac diamonds

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  • Kamushki


    1. Design Sisters. 2. Fine Jewellery. 3. Playful Jewellery.

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  • La Brune et la Blonde

    La Brune et la Blonde

    1. Diamond Jewellery
    2. Classic styles
    3. 18k Gold

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  • Lily Gabriella

    Lily Gabriella

    1. Focus on pave diamonds rather than larger stones
    2. Founded by Lily Gabriella Elia
    3. Tribal influences intertwined with modernity

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  • Loquet


    1. Jewellery concept created by Sheherazade Goldsmith with Laura Bailey
    2. The gold framed crystal 'Loquet' is designed to open and be personalised with collectable charms and birthstones
    3. "Every 'Loquet' tells a story. Each charm represents an emotion, a special memory

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  • Noritamy


    1. Inspired by both Fashion and Architecture
    2. Hand crafted
    3.Dramatic and finessed pieces

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  • Paige Novick

    Paige Novick

    1. Fine Jewellery
    2. Minimal Jewellery
    3. Playful Jewellery

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  • Pembe Club

    Pembe Club

    1. Gold plated silver and brass
    2. Hand-crafted designs
    3. Animal conservation

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  • Rachel Jackson

    Rachel Jackson

    1. Gold Plated Stirling Silver
    2. London Based Brand
    3. Art Deco Inspired

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  • Reine Rosalie

    Reine Rosalie

    1. Created by Reine Rosalie
    2. Playful and colourful collection
    3. Launched in 2012

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  • Ryan Porter

    Ryan Porter

    1. New York based brand
    2. Beloved by editors and bloggers alike
    3. Worn by manrepeller and Bryan Boy n

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  • RYM


    1. Fine Jewellery
    2. Modular Design
    3. Uniqueness

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  • Sarah and Sebastian

    Sarah and Sebastian

    1. Finding the beauty in modern simplicity encapsulates the essence of the brand
    2. Clean lines that are skilfully paired with intricate design
    3. Based in Australia

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  • Savoir


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  • Selin Kent

    Selin Kent

    1. New York based
    2. Fine Jewellery
    3. Elegant and striking

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  • Shahla Karimi

    Shahla Karimi

    1.Inspired from the placed the designer has lived-
    2. 14k gold
    3. Influenced by Native American and Persian roots

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  • Starrs London

    Starrs London

    1. Handmade Pieces
    2. Vermeil
    3. Statement Pieces

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  • Tara 4779

    Tara 4779

    1. 14k Gold
    2. Hand made in New York
    3. Functional jewellery as well as art objects

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  • Tilda Biehn

    Tilda Biehn

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  • Uribe


    1. Deisgned by duo Sion & Tiffany Phillips
    2. Uribe is defined by their unique backgrounds, travel and heritage
    3. Based in London

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  • V Jewellery

    V Jewellery

    1. Designed by Laura Vann
    2. Timeless vintage jewellery
    3. Sterling Silver collection

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  • Vojd Studios

    Vojd Studios

    1. Berlin-based Jewellery Label
    2. 3D printing technology combined with craftmanship
    3. Synergy between luxury and progression

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  • Wuki Jewels

    Wuki Jewels

    1. Modern and Delicate. 2. 18k Gold. 3. Clean and stylised lines.

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