• Aaron Jah Stone

    Aaron Jah Stone

    1. Carefully selected precious stones
    2. Collections inspired by travel with an ethnic tone
    3. Studied in France at ING

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  • Alexander Fuchs

    Alexander Fuchs

    1. Focus on diamonds rather than settings
    2. Founded by Daniel Sieradzki in tribute to his grandfather
    3. His family is part of prestigious Paris jewellery suppliers

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  • Avinas


    1. 18ct gold plated over silver
    2. Everyday wearability
    3. Studied jewellery design in New York

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  • Bam B

    Bam B

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  • Bjorg


    1. Two collections - Classic and Odyssey
    2. Rough precious stones and crafted metal textures
    3. Founded in 2004 by Bjørg Nordli-Mathisen

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  • Buja


    1. Natural form and texture embodied in gold
    2. Delicate and alluring pieces
    3. Studied at the prestigious Le Arti Orafe academy

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  • Charlet par Aime

    Charlet par Aime

    1. Handmade pieces
    2. 18k gold
    3. Stunning body pieces

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  • Cooee


    1. Mixes classic Scandinavian style with modern materials
    2. Corian and acrylic combined with precious metals
    3. Founded in 2005 by Catrine Åberg

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  • COOPS London

    COOPS London

    1. Simplistic and refined
    2. Gravity defying new concept earrings
    3. Launched in 2012 by Emma Sharp

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  • Cornelia Webb

    Cornelia Webb

    1. Stockholm based designer
    2. Scandinavian aesthetic
    3. Inspired from the sea

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  • Dafne


    1. Inspired by French refinement
    2. Unique character
    3. Handmade pieces

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  • Dana Levy

    Dana Levy

    1. Inspired by exotic sights and traditions of the Middle East
    2. Handmade using the highest quality materials
    3. Incorporate beautiful symbolic mystical charms

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  • Deci


    1. Creation of Dessy Tsolova
    2. Inspired from Ancient times
    3. Timeless pieces

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  • Dima


    1. Luxurious & Exclusive High Jewellery
    2. Middle Eastern Inspired Designs
    3. Ethically Sourced Gemstones

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  • Dogeared


    1. Inspired by California’s natural beauty
    2. Celebrates peace, love and positive energy
    3. Each piece is handmade in California

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  • Dressed


    1. Designed by Nathalie Kabiri
    2. 18k gold pieces set with playful and iconic details
    3. Simple, beautifully crafted designs

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  • Eshvi


    1. Designed by Georgian sisters Natia and Tamar
    2. Directional Statement Jewellery with a playful side
    3. Exclusive to Kabiri

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  • Feverish


    1. Reworked vintage jewellery and trinkets
    2. Bold, colourful and full of attitude
    3. Creative Director, Il Jung Lee grew up in Korea & Europe

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  • Fiya


    1. Creation of Yasemin Uresin 2. Unique and original pieces 3. Inspired from ottoman designs

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  • Fiya Bis

    Fiya Bis

    1. Crafted in an atelier in the South of France
    2. The accompanying line to high jewellery brand Fiya
    3. Fiya Bis is a collection of luxurious, everyday pieces

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  • Gajner


    1. Handcrafted
    2. Thin cut stones
    3. Delicate designs

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  • Gaydamak


    1. Heritage from Russian Culture
    2. Solid gold and Diamond
    3. Designed by Gaydamak sisters

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  • H+H


    1. False nails cast in solid precious metals
    2. Inspired by nature
    3. Design duo Holly Silius and Hannah Warner

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  • Jacquie Aiche

    Jacquie Aiche

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  • Jennifer Behr

    Jennifer Behr

    1. Hand-made in NY
    2. High quality materials and craftsmanship
    3. Swarovski Crystals

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  • Jessie Harris

    Jessie Harris

    1. Handcrafted in London
    2. Graphic shapes and clean lines
    3. Elemental component

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  • Jiya


    1. Seasonal Layering Items
    2. Handmade pieces
    3. Full of Colour

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  • Karen Liberman

    Karen Liberman

    1. Inspired from Moroccan culture
    2. Handcrafted 3. Traditional timeless designs

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  • Kattri


    1. Ethical Materials
    2. Modernistic minimalism
    3. 9ct gold

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  • La Brune et la Blonde

    La Brune et la Blonde

    1. Diamond Jewellery
    2. Classic styles
    3. 18ct Gold

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  • Lion Studio

    Lion Studio

    1. Produced with crystals
    2. Double plated brass
    3. Handmade by skilful craftsman

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  • Lovingstone


    1. 18k Gold
    2. Delicate and Refined
    3. Onyx and Diamonds

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  • Machalka


    1. Diamonds and gold create dainty and delicate pieces
    2. Designed to reveal the beauty of style
    3. The Celtic knot logo represents infinity and joy

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  • Maria Black

    Maria Black

    1. Modern designs executed to fine jewellery standard
    2. Interchangeable and multifunctional pieces
    3. Trained for 4 years as a Goldsmith in Copenhagen

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  • MariaFrancescaPepe


    1. Bold, sharp, geometric designs
    2. Influenced by art movements and 70s disco
    3. Designed in London and realised by Italian artisans

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  • Moxham


    1. Inspired by Egyptian mythology and repetition of motifs
    2. Oversized, constructed and statement pieces
    3. Worked in fashion design before studying jewellery

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  • Nikki B

    Nikki B

    1. Collections transcend seasons
    2. Simple, elegant and timeless
    3. Ethically handmade in Chile by rural women

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  • Noritamy


    1. Inspired by both Fashion and Architecture
    2. Hand crafted
    3.Dramatic and finessed pieces

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  • Projebir


    1. Challenging yet simple designs
    2. Unpretentious, quiet but assertive in itself
    3. Launched by sisters Zeynep and Iraz Mursaloğlu

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  • Rafah


    1. Precious stones are set in 18k or 22k gold
    2. Combines old designs with modern fashions
    3. Inspired to design jewellery by a trip to India

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  • Scosha


    1. Precious stones are fused with gold, silver and leathers
    2. Meticulously designed and crafted under one roof
    3. Launched in 2007 in Brooklyn

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  • Selin Kent

    Selin Kent

    1. New York based
    2. Fine Jewellery
    3. Elegant and striking

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  • Takika


    1. Fine jewellery statement
    2. Striking shapes
    3. Solid gold and diamonds

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  • Tamara Akcay

    Tamara Akcay

    1. Translates human emotions into sculptural pieces
    2. Addresses concepts of life
    3. Collection of Bronze jewellery

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  • Tom Binns

    Tom Binns

    1. Designs combine elegance with anti-conformist sentiment
    2. Each piece is handmade and unique
    3. 25 years experience in jewellery design

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  • V Jewellery

    V Jewellery

    1. Designed by Laura Vann
    2. Timeless vintage jewellery
    3. Sterling Silver collection

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  • Vanrycke


    1. Gold and diamonds combine in perfect proportion
    2. Everyday jewellery with added refinement
    3. Stylish yet elegant Parisian aesthetic

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  • Vita Fede

    Vita Fede

    1. Inspired by art and architecture
    2. Hand crafted
    3.Timeless Luxury

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